Online Casino Games Are All About The Rush

All of the best casino games start slow, build up the tension and then deliver the final rush. We love to be kept on the edge of our seat. Chance is our mistress. Who doesn’t love it when the big payout comes when the long shot comes in? Even when we miss the pain is soon over and we’re ready for another go.

Best Games Online Casinos

Whether your passion is the bells and whistles of the slots with the chance of life changing money resting on the fall of a few reels, or the more quiet swish of cards being laid out to add to 21 the end goal is the same it makes you feel alive. We have been playing games with each other for reward since the dawn of time. The element of luck has been part of our entertainment since we threw bones on the ground. We love an unknown outcome. Games have evolved over years and modern casino games have roots that go way back. Thanks to the internet we can now play real casino games online. Even if you have never set foot in a casino or logged into a virtual venue you probably know at least the names of a few games. But if you are a complete novice you may not know the full scope of what’s available and certainly won’t know how to play them. Some sites have 500 games on them so even a true blue casino fan will not know the ins and outs of them all. There’s no substitute for playing a game it is the best way to learn but could get expensive for a newbie. The free play option is there so it doesn’t. But that being said a bit of information first can cut out a lot of confusion.

Online Slots More Of Them Than Anything Else

slots machineSince they were introduced back in the mists of time slots have been the favorite method of gambling for the establishment. 70% of all revenue for a land based casino is taken by slots. Online slots come in all shapes and sizes. Traditional three reel games, five reels and more. They now have bonus games as part of the main game. There are even ones with skill tests embedded that take you to another screen and a chance to win a side prize. You can play slots as a side game while you are playing poker, or roulette. Or you can give them your full attention and they fill the screen. The graphics and audio are stunning you feel like you have the machine right there. They’re are without doubt the closest thing you will get to a real machine These days you can see slots that are themed on just about anything. Ancient Egypt has probably been used more than any other, but movies, TV series and even cartoons. The options are limitless and software developers come out with new slots games almost every month. And if you are looking for the one off random chance to hit mega money slots are the only way to do it for a small stake. Progressive jackpots run into the millions. You can play slots for just about any stake per spin or per reel on the multi-way win line versions. There are so many different games it would be impossible to list them and how to play them. But they are probably the simplest casino game there is so understanding them takes no time at all. Slots are big business and will be part of casinos as long as there are casinos.

Roulette Is Recognized The World Over

Roulette has been with us now for a few hundred years and the wheel has changed remarkably little since it was first used. Considered one of the best casino games online by many an avid player. It is definitely one of the most popular judging by the number of variations on a theme there are. The basic game has two main forms and are defined by the wheel. American roulette and European roulette. They both originated in Europe but that’s splitting hairs. The European version has 37 numbered pockets with a single zero and the American version has 38 with both a single zero and a double zero. You might not think it makes much difference but having the double zero almost doubles the house edge. The game is instantly recognizable and simple to play. You go straight into the action if you wanted and learn along the way. But there are a few wagers that are not obvious and the probabilities are varied and worth a bit of learning. The game becomes very exciting when you have multiple bets going on one spin.
spinning rouletteOnline casinos vary with layout and graphics for roulette. The betting table may be laid out either side of the wheel or on the left or right. But the wheel will be same and most of the bets will be to depending on which variant. The order of the numbered pockets has not changed for a couple of hundred years. On the European version starting from the green zero it runs clockwise 32 15 19 4 21 2 25 17 34 6 27 13 36 11 30 8 23 10 5 24 16 33 1 20 14 31 9 22 18 29 7 28 12 35 3 26. For the American version it runs again from the zero clockwise 28 9 26 30 11 7 20 32 17 5 22 34 15 3 24 36 13 1 00 27 10 25 29 12 8 19 31 18 6 21 33 16 4 23 35 14 2. The betting table is where you will find the most differences but essentially they all work the same way. The numbers from 1-36 are laid out in a grid of three rows of twelve the zero and double zero if used are at the end. The numbers are in sequence but run right to left top right hand corner going down 1 2 3 second column in 4 5 6 etc. Or it can be turned around with the 1 at the bottom left 2, 3, above then next row 4, 5, 6. Or it can be turned so there are three columns of twelve rows then it is 1, 2, 3, across the top 4, 5, 6 second etc. There are sections on the betting table where bets are placed for the main types of bet black/red, odd even, first, second, and third dozen, low 1-18 and high 19-36. The dozen bets pay 2-1 and the rest pay even money. They may have the original French terms as well but most are in just English. There are a huge range of bets and of course you can make combos.
There are a few specialty bets that can be placed in a drop down menu these can vary from site to site so would need to be checked before playing. The rest of the bets are placed on the grid itself. A straight/single is a single number bet, the chip is placed on the number of choice and pays 35-1. A split is a choice of two numbers next to each other, the chip is placed on the join line between them this pays 17-1. Then there is the street bet which is any number within a column/row e.g 1 2 3 the chip is placed at the end of the column and pays 11 – 1. Then comes the corner bet which is one of four numbers in a block the chip is placed on the intersection of all four and pays 8-1. The basket bet is 0, (00)1, 2, 3 the chip is placed on the outside corner 0-1 or 0-3 and pays 6-1. Then the six line which is any number from 6 consecutive numbers in adjoining rows/columns the bet is placed on the end over the two last numbers of each row/column either end is ok and the bet pays 5-1. Then there’s the column bet which is the whole twelve in a column/row (depending on set up) the chip is placed at the end/bottom of the row/column it pays 2-1. The wealth of bets allowed in most venues makes roulette one of the best casino games online. It is never boring.

Hit Me One More Time

Blackjack has to be the most played of all the online casino games. You only have to see the number of variants available to now its popular. Most live online casinos have many blackjack tables available with all of the different betting rules. It seems to be a never ending growth area with new versions coming into play all the time. The basic rules that are the same whichever version you play. The idea is to get as close to twenty one without going over (busting) and beat the banker. Aces are worth one, 2-10 are face value all pictures are ten. You are dealt two cards and either draw a card or stand. You can draw as many times until you bust or stand, depending on house rules you can double down, split or surrender as well. The double down is double the bet but only receive one more card. The split is if you are dealt a pair and you split into two hands and play them separately. Surrendering is giving up the hand and getting half your stake back it is only allowed with the first two cards. The crucial thing with blackjack is to know the house rules before playing.
Blackjack is a simple game to learn yet is actually one of the few casino games that can be successfully won using strategies. Probability is a major part of blackjack and card counting is one of the methods that can have real success. To try to combat this casinos introduced multi-deck shoes with up to 8 decks being shuffled and played with at once. Online blackjack is played against just the dealer live versions have other players at the table so the strategy changes. Blackjack probably has more text books on strategy than any other casino game. It is well worth reading a few as this is one game where you can really beat the house.

Baccarat The Classy Game

baccaratYou don’t need to wear a tuxedo when playing baccarat at home but the game does have roots in the aristocracy. Known also as Punto Banco (player – bank) this game is at home in the swankiest venues there are a classic card game very similar to blackjack. There are only two hands dealt the bank and the player in live games others around the table can bet also. There are three bets, bank wins, player wins, and tie. The winning hand is closest to nine. Picture cards and tens are worthless ace are 1 and the rest face value. If the cards add up into double digits only the right hand digit counts. Two cards are dealt each to the banker and player. If either hand adds up to 8 or 9 it’s called a natural and that hand wins. If not then a third card is drawn.

  • If the player’s hand totals 0-5 a third card is drawn. If a player has 6 or 7 no third card dealt
  • If the banker’s hand totals 2 or less, then the banker draws a card, regardless of what the player’s third card is.
  • If the banker’s hand totals 3, then the bank draws a third card unless the player’s third card was an 8.
  • If the banker’s hand totals 4, then the bank draws a third card if the player’s third card was 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
  • If the banker’s hand totals 5, then the bank draws a third card if the player’s third card was 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • If the banker’s hand totals 6, then the bank draws a third card if the player’s third card was a 6 or 7.

The house edge is added to the bank win if the bank wins there is 5% commission to the house. The bets are paid out even money and the tie can be as much as 9-1 this is dependent on house rules.

Good Ole Boys Play Craps

Craps has a long tradition of being a street game played everywhere in the U.S. It made it into casinos in the states very early on in the Vegas boom years and has been a firm favorite ever since. The rest of the world is a little slow in understanding the attraction of the game. The betting rules seem overly complicated and change from venue to venue. It is all about combinations of throws and bets. It is such a venue specific game that house rules really need to be read fully to understand.

The Asian Influence

dicesThe Asians are mighty gamblers and with the global nature of online gambling some of the Asian favorites have made their way into our hearts too. SicBo is one such game. A very old dice game from China you are guessing the outcome of a throw of three dice. All online casinos that have this game will have their own version so make sure you check with them before playing. There will be a betting table that you place your chips on. The classic bets are:

  • The single number you chose a number 1-6 and if that number is thrown you win an even money bet. If more than comes in you get paid for each one.
  • Two numbers are chosen and if they both come in a 6-1 payout.
  • The Big and the Small are the total of the dice, the small is 4 to 10 the big 11 to 17 even money for either is paid.
  • Triple is all three must be the number you choose 150 to 1 is paid out
  • There are a ton of other bets on some versions so have a look around, play a few free play versions to get the feel for it.

Pai Gow is another Asian game that has been westernized and added to online casinos. Originally a domino based game it has switched to a card game based on poker hands. It’s a seven card brag type game where you make two hands that have to both win. If only one hand wins then it’s a push and another round is dealt. This is becoming very popular as the number of pushes extends the time playing and your bankroll last that bit longer! As the world gets smaller more gambling games that are local favorites will make it to international audiences. We thirst for new and exciting ways to wager against the house. Game selection is one area were an online casino can really stand out. Whether it be different versions of old classics or new to the rest of the world niche games it’s an exciting time for gamblers.