Essential Elements of the Mobile Casino Scene

It is a commonly known fact that people are evolving their gaming habits by switching completely to their mobile devices. Today, the smartphone has become the modern tool for completing operations that nearly a decade ago required different platforms. Gaming, payments, work – tablets and smartphones are here to stay, and every mobile casino in the industry has started offering better support and variety for their mobile versions. If any casino wishes to make a name for itself or stay relevant in the game, it needs to evolve as well.

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The Importance of Cross-Platform Compatibility

Before delving into the key aspects of the mobile casino genre, we need to take a look at the availability of features for different platforms. There are three popular operating systems, which are a part of today’s most popular mobile devices. The Android System, iOS for apple, and of course Windows mobile. As you can imagine making a Blackjack game accessible by all three is not going to be easy. The process at which a game is “converted” to run on another system is also know as “porting”. Depending on many factors, porting could be performed without much interference from the developers of a game; however in some cases, the game has to be rebuilt from the ground up.
iOS casino apps are notorious for being difficult to port. While Windows and Android have much more in common, cross-platform compatibility between all operating systems can be challenging as well. The most successful casinos online are those that offer iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android casino apps in a uniform fashion. All device applications must look and feel the same on different devices, otherwise the casino brand will face scrutiny and criticism by its players.

Mobile Casino On Your Wrist

Play Online Casino on SmartwatchWearable technology has made quite the stir those past couple of years. Watch-phones from a decade ago were sluggish and plain ridiculous, but today’s models are like nothing ever seen before. Working with their own operating system, smart “wearables” as they are known, are another frontier that online casinos are trying to break. The problem here is that the small screen of those watches would only allow for specific types of casino games. Although Slots, Roulette, and some card games are available for smartwatches, the incorporation of some games can be difficult. As expected, the design of all casino games played on your watch would be simplified as possible so that the active elements would be visible. In terms of cross-compatibility, some casinos do offer games specifically for the smartwatches, but their number is limited.

The Software Behind Mobile Casino Games

Some casinos develop their own mobile gaming solutions, while others hire independent software developing companies. Some of the biggest brand names such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Platipus Gaming, Ezugi, and others, produce new games on a regular basis. The interesting fact here is that the developers for the mobile casino applications are usually different from those developers that provide the games for online play. Whatever the case might be, you can be sure that every casino software developer has worked or currently works on mobile casino games.

The Mobile Game Libraries You Can Expect

The best time to play mobile casino is today, because the system has had enough time to evolve over the years. It is not only that with every year the casinos offer a much larger selection of games, but also their visual quality. The most popular types of mobile casino games up to date, are the slot machines. They look great on any mobile device and offer a very high entertainment value – in fact, some of the apps released by online casinos feature only slots, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find all other casino games.
Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker are the all-time classics which you can enjoy today on your mobile device, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones. You can also find scratch cards, Keno, Bingo, Craps, and many others that spark the public’s interest. While there is a minor learning curve (due to the size of the virtual tables) they also deliver a high level of immersion. As mentioned before, the game library of every casino app could be limited; this is done for several reasons. For example, the more games an app offers, the more space it will take on your mobile device. Two – a casino usually includes only the most popular titles. After all, there is no use to spend additional resources in putting games in the app that people won’t actually play. Although this might be so, the best mobile apps are those that offer the full roster of games from a particular casino brand.

Direct Online Casino Access

Online Casino on Mobile DevicesThe fastest way for players to experience an online casino without having to install any additional software, is to log into their accounts through their mobile devices. This can happen only if the casino online has optimized and created a mobile version of their website; bear in mind that the browser running on any mobile device needs to support a plugin called “flash” which is needed for all games offered by the casino. Usually, almost all smartphones on the market today are capable of playing the games. Another interesting fact is that the mobile version of the website needs to be the same as the computer based one, but due to optimization challenges it is possible that some of the games offered there are less in number than others. – computer for all types through definitely no secret that people are doing much more switching to their mobile devices.

The Live Mobile Experience

Many years have passed since live gaming was introduced to smartphones and tablets, but today the evolution of the genre has come even further. The hardware capabilities of a specific mobile device allow for experiencing a greater social factor, which is what most people are looking for. The live online experience doesn’t go without some kind of a price though; in order to experience smooth game-play, you will need to have a stable internet connection and a relatively newer mobile device, as most live casino streaming services happen in HD quality. Another drawback here is that while you have hundreds of online casino games, the live dealer lobbies are very few in number, and you won’t have much of a choice there, especially if they’re not offering your favorite game.

The Mobile Welcome Bonus and More

Another major benefit from playing on your phone, is that you can actually collect two welcome bonuses. Usually, your account in all versions of the casino is one and the same. If the case is indeed such, then you can definitely benefit from a welcome bonus once you’ve registered your account normally, and once you’ve logged into the mobile version of the website. There are apps that feature separate accounts which you will have to link with your ordinary account. In all cases, your mobile account will grant you a lucrative welcome bonus. When compared to ordinary promotions and awards, mobile casinos are known to offer much more in a form of free spins, casino credit and others.

Android vs iOS

iOS vs AndroidIt is no secret that the Google Playstore offers a significantly larger app library than Apple iTunes. It is precisely that fact that plays a vital importance in revealing the differences between the two most popular operating systems for mobile devices. Android is known to be much more “developer friendly” and this is why there are a number of casinos that offer only Android versions of their apps. While this might sound a bit overwhelming to Apple users, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern; iOS apps are not that fewer in numbers, so there is a chance that you will find your favorite casino in iTunes.

The Usefulness of Mobile Payments

One of the most convenient elements of today’s mobile device scene, is the ability to perform payments with your phone. This is especially useful when you wish to add casino credit to your account balance. We are not talking only about credit cards; Internet banking, e-wallets and other financial service providers modify their platforms almost on a daily base, so they can provide a better mobile experience for their clients. Once your account is linked to your preferred financial method, you will be able to charge your online casino balance right away. In the end, nothing can beat the convenience of paying with your phone.

Tips on Being Safe During Your Mobile Experience

Some people have some serious concerns in regards to the security status of their mobile devices. It is known that tablet and smartphone security can be dodgy at some points, especially if it is not protected by the appropriate software, but that could be the least of all concerns. Because of that, users become more vigilant in researching an online casino prior to creating an account there; after all, if you’ve decided to invest some time and money in a gambling venture, you need to be sure that the establishment you’re working with is solid. Below, we have listed a few important things you should watch out when researching a casino; it will definitely save you a lot of trouble.

  • Look for the casino licenses and certificates; they are usually located at the bottom of every online casino homepage or under a section called fair gaming, terms and conditions, and others.
  • Discover the license numbers in order to verify that those are genuine, and not simply fraudulent text.
  • Find the full information that depicts the protection protocols an online casino uses in order to protect the personal details of their players.
  • Research the game developing company for the casino in question. Usually, there are a few of them that have made a name for themselves by always being straight up with their clients.

The Ad Factor (or Problem)

No Mobile Casino AdsEveryone who has used any mobile app knows what we are talking about. Those annoying ads that cover a good portion of your mobile device’s screen, sometimes even preventing you from pressing a button to complete an action. Casino apps do not make an exception; sometimes the ad itself could represent additional bonuses or rewards, but mostly they are commercials that require payment to completely disappear. Another problem with free apps, is that if you don’t pay the fee, the app itself will have limited functionality. In some cases, more than half of the games will be locked and/or your player level progress may have a set progression limit. Ads can definitely be a nuisance to many payers, and this is why they choose to experience their online casino directly through their device’s browser. Although there might be some ads as well there, they won’t be as frequent as those featured in the app.

What is a Single Wallet?

Convenience is the most important factor in the mobile casino business. Owners want to make sure that their players are able to access their accounts and purchase credit at any given time, and this is where the single wallet comes in. The concept behind this is the ability to access your account and perform financial operations from multiple devices. As mentioned earlier, a significant sector of the online casino industry usually separates the mobile account from the regular one, and even requires the transfer of finances from one balance to another. With a single wallet, you won’t have to worry about that.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Purchasing casino credits and other game related items, usually happens with the help of a third party app. Among the most successful payment applications for Android, Boku definitely stands out, because the purchases you make, are charged to your phone bill. This removes the needs for any credit card or bank details, so you won’t have to worry about any sensitive financial information leaking online. Given the nature that people like to spend money, Boku has set a monthly limit of $30 which prevents a person to overspend and fall into a situation of severe debt. Luckily, Boku is not the only way to make a purchase from your mobile phone; you can always use browser-based e-wallets, e-banks and other methods on your Android device.
Apple PayPayment apps have been on the rise these past few years. Versatility plays a huge role in this market, but some companies decide to go their own way, such as Apple. Their mobile payment application is called ApplePay, which is native to all of their devices, Apple Pay started as a solution to pay for iTunes products, but today it can be used to make store purchases as well. Some limitations of this payment platform might arise, since not all online casinos accept Apple Pay as a viable deposit method. Generally, you can use most methods to make a deposit in your casino account; however, the options for mobile withdrawal can be a bit fewer.

Mobile Device Drawbacks and How to Prevent Them From Ruining Your Game

While you will be able to fully enjoy your favorite brand of casino online, you must be mindful of a few facts that concern your mobile device. First and foremost, is battery power; it is an all known fact that modern smartphones and tablets are notorious for using a lot of power when used in a prolonged period, and casino apps make no exception (make sure you turn off any active apps). If you play slots while your phone is being charged up, it wouldn’t be a problem, but you don’t want to place a hefty wager and then have your device turn off on you. The second factor you should pay attention to is your mobile data provider. Live games can take a significant amount of bandwidth with their streaming, and if you would like to keep your mobile data, you should connect to a wireless router. Of course, all the methods listed above do involve staying in a place where it can provide you with electricity, but you can always carry a battery-power-bank for extra power and renegotiate your mobile data contract with your phone service provider for an unlimited bandwidth plan.

In Conclusion – What is the Future of Mobile Casinos?

For now, smartphones and tablets have solidified their place as the most preferred platforms for gaming. Just like the leading technology developers in the industry, casino brands try to introduce more features and games for mobile devices. Some casinos have already released a Virtual Reality environment that delivers the ultimate casino experience to its players. Of course, it will be a few more years before this becomes the new standard, but it is for sure that many players will welcome it with open arms when it does. Till the future comes, smartphones and tablets will continue to be the most preferred devices for a mobile casino experience.