New Casino Sites Popping Up All The Time

The human race was born to gamble whether we like to admit it or not we gamble every day of our lives. When choosing our clothes in the morning we gamble on whether it’s going to be cold or wet. Do we go with the expensive but highly recommended plumber or risk it with the cheaper guy from the paper? Business deals are gambling on future markets, life is one big coin flip. Little surprise that the world loves online casinos. The market is huge and growing daily it is amazing that it could sustain such growth. New online casinos come online at a remarkable pace. True a lot are just fly by night and disappear almost as quickly as they came about. But a few last the baptism of fire and getting in on the ground level can make you feel part of a community. The loyalty rewards will grow along with the brand it’s a risk but the feeling of being there from the start can make it all worth it. Being one of the first to make it to VIP status is a nice little ego boost.

New Online Casinos May Not Be New To The Scene

Best New Casinos

The market as it is, seems loaded to the gills. How can all these new companies spring up? The startup costs are not small and licensing alone takes up a lot of effort and money. Well the fact is when you look a bit deeper most sites are part of a group of casinos. It is a great method of trying out a new direction without alienating existing customers. After all if it isn’t broke don’t fix it but there’s always scope for something new. Using the same license and having experience with knowing what works gives this new ‘startups’ a head start. So if you see a new site and recognize the parent company or group and like what they do why not give them a go. A new site from an existing brand will have a lot of hype in the run up. Cyberspace will be thick with promotions trying to drum up new trade. A word of caution though it can backfire. If you are already a customer of the brand or group you may well be breaching terms and conditions if you sign up to the new offering. Most casinos see this as having duplicate accounts and will cancel all of them, probably on the grounds of bonus abuse that great catch all. So check with the customer service team it would be a real shame to lose your original account over it. The other side to it is this “new casino” may just be a reincarnation of a very bad one that just folded. Using a parent company on the license gives casinos that are less than stellar, the chance to rebrand and con a few more into thinking they work well.

The Truly New Casinos Online Pump Fresh Energy In

chipsThe new guys tend to shake up any industry, they have to make any kind of impact, and the online casino world is no different. As well as the many make-overs and sister sites there are a few that are genuinely new the industry. These new guys usually have an innovation or two and can really give a kick up the backside to the rest. The risk for them is not small it is very easy to go under in a short space of time. But some smash it and introduce new DNA to pool, it has to be a good thing. New however does mean a little extra caution is advised. Background checks and due diligence is especially important with a new entity. Researching company backgrounds can be tedious work but it pays in the long run. When all is said and done if a notorious businessman has just started up an online casino with an umbrella company you might want to know.

The Best New Online Casino Will Have Lots To Offer.

roulette tableThe new player welcome bonus is still the tried and tested method of attracting custom. To continue growing at this incredible rate brand new novice casino goers are needed. A new brand has to get as many accounts open as quickly as possible. It will hemorrhage cash if nobody is playing. So the welcome bonus is dusted off and used once more. The problem is that everybody uses it. The 100% match bonus is almost the default. So to stand out from the ever increasing crowd the bonus amounts are growing with startups. It’s not uncommon to see 200% and there are a few that offer 500%. This looks huge and a significant risk for a new venture. Multiple deposit bonuses are now becoming common as well with up to the first five getting match bonuses attached. Don’t think that these bonuses are just free cash though. All casinos would go out of business if they gave cash away. Wagering requirements are in place and give insurance to the casino. Bonuses will be explained in more detail on the Bonus page but just to say that the terms and conditions need to be looked into before thinking a welcome bonus is so good. No the best things new online casinos do are the way games are re-presented. Often a new bit of packaging is all that an old tired favourite needed. New formats like 3D games started because someone was brave enough to go for it. Then you have the totally new games well new to the online casino world that is. Sic Bo is a prime example the Chinese dice game is old, like hundreds and hundreds of years old. It made it to Las Vegas but got no further in the Western world until somebody thought it would play well online. Next thing you know everybody has a version. The great thing about games like Sic Bo is you can have different versions distinguishing sites. New games especially from Asia are one way a new online casino can hit the ground running. We are a fickle bunch and crave new and exciting ways to gamble. Brave brands are the way forward for this industry.

Mostly New But Still Recognizable

The thing is that it is very rare for a completely new casino to come about. The reason for that is software developers lease there products to any and all. There are over 300 companies making games and operation platforms for online casinos. You could probably name the top ten in the list and would be able to recognize a fair few games from some of the more obscure brands. The thing is it is hugely expensive to have a bespoke standalone software. Even the giants of the industry take the off the shelf variety and customize them to fit their image. That’s the real point the platforms are so good these days and every game developer makes their games available to integrate with any operating system, that there is always something familiar. So if MicroGaming are your favorite slots producer but the new Playtech 3D games have you interested then there will probably be a casino that is trying the combo.

The Mobile Sector Is Where The Real Progress Is

Mobile gambling has the room for the most growth within the industry and the established brands have been less than forthcoming. Yes pretty much everybody has a mobile version but the gams selection and quality is not as good as it should be. Let’s be honest here you have to have been living in a cave for the last 5 years to have missed the smart phone explosion. This is one area that the new casinos have homed in on. There are lots of exclusively mobile sites that have concentrated on providing quality games for those on the go. Not surprisingly slots are the most popular games on mobile devices. They play like they were made for the device. Carrying around a mini slot machine is really quite cool. With so much attention on mobile apps there are developers tripping over themselves to make new games and modify existing ones to allow gambling on them. A certain type of person plays casino games at home on their desktop. That demographic is probably quite static. However there is more likelihood of new customers from the mobile market. Maybe they see a work mate playing a slots game at lunch and are hooked where as they would of never gone online at home to play. The mobile gaming sector is a driving force for the industry and new brands are launching sites at an eye watering pace. This is great for all of us. New exciting games will be developed for a market that is not fixated on traditional casino games. These new games will filter back if they are any good so keep looking for the new boys they may have the next big thing.