Not Another Online Casino Review – What’s The Point?

We all know the result of a swift search for online casino reviews thousands of hits. Absolutely everybody wants to tell you how good this casino is and how great that one is. Why on earth are there so many opinions about online casinos? Well like most things in life it has become an industry in itself. Reviews have been written for businesses since the printed word became readily available to the masses. Some of these reviews were blatant advertising, it has migrated to the internet and morphed into what is known as affiliate marketing. So most reviews of online casinos just want you to click the link and sign up with the casino in question. Every time a deposit is made a payment goes to the review site. So the truth of the matter is that review sites are in it for an income. That’s not to say that they are not genuine reviews. It’s not really a good business plan to mislead the consumers. Yes in the very short term you may gain but in this day of viral information you could very quickly gain a terrible reputation. It’s all about the conversion but a long term viability is the only way to survive. . A well written honest review is an invaluable tool in making up your mind. It’s also the way to make money as an affiliate.

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Forums Started As Chat Rooms And Grew

woman with cardsForum sites are a different animal but in the same family. Forums were originally just chat rooms with players discussing their experiences. Now they are full blown review sites as well, these have different positives but the main thing to remember is forums are mostly posted on by players. It’s a great way to research a site. A forum thread can confirm something you thought, good or bad. They can point you in a new direction if a casino has just been launched. Take it all with a pinch of salt however. A lot of bad press is saw losers ranting rubbish and usually bonus moaners that didn’t read the T&Cs. Also be very wary of taking information as fact this can be said of reviews as well but the best online casino reviews do research their articles. Especially things like this casino is owned by this company or don’t use them they are owned by blah blah. A forum post could be written by anyone and the so call facts are just not true a lot of the time. Cross reference everything. But a player’s views and experiences can help you make a decision. A well written honest review is an invaluable tool in making up your mind.

So How Do You Tell A Good From A Bad Online Casino Review?

Avoid a short piece of writing, unless it’s a really good Haiku, nobody puts any thought about anything into a just a few words. A good casino review is quite a long read. It should be there are things that need to be said. Of course they can go the other way as well. All hot air and going nowhere with lots of marketing phases click here to sign up to the world’s greatest casino. Absolutely no viable content, tells you nothing, and leaves you feeling like you just sat through an episode of Mad Men. So yes a lot of things about online casinos can be generic. Bonuses are a prime example and frankly a boring subject, they are all versions of a theme, but how the wagering requirements stack up to others that’s worth knowing. As for games selection, well most casinos have very similar games on their books, baccarat is baccarat. Nobody wants to here they have all the traditional games ….. Yawn Yawn. They do want to hear that the casino has a new version of blackjack that includes all the options including surrender bets and is played with only one deck for small stakes. This is the information that helps a casino to stand out. Because let’s face it they do look a lot alike and with so many linked jackpots a lot of the games are exactly the same. You want to hear about who runs the whole shebang. How good their security is and has it been tested properly. What jurisdiction the casino is licensed in? That’s a bigger deal than a lot of people think. A license is not just being licensed it should mean regulated as well. Which trade bodies and gambling help lines are the casino linked with? The knowledge that a casino has put in effort to be a responsible gambling provider has to be a plus. Things like arbitration services does the casino use them? Which ones? Are they any good and more importantly are they independent? All these points and more should be in a good casino review.

The Best Online Casino Reviews Keep You Reading – But Need To Teach You Too

So there are some funny well written pieces of prose in the form of online casino reviews. You just have to finish reading them they are that good. Then when you have finished reading them do you sit back and think wow I learned a lot about that site? Or was it just a well written gloss over? Well some casinos are so good there’s not a lot to say that’s bad. But even the best have things that are hidden away that it doesn’t like to shout about. Whether they be particularly hard wagering requirements or there are restrictions on withdrawal methods. If this kind of information isn’t there it doesn’t matter how well it’s written there is no point to it. The review needs to engage the reader but it’s their job to un-ravel the mysteries and share them.

Keep Up With Latest Developments In The Industry

triple acesOnline casino comparison and review sites are an excellent way to keep your fingers on the pulse. There is so much going on in the industry today it’s easy to miss out on a great deal. We tend to stick to what we know and often never look at another site. Gamblers can be a bit superstitious for sure but why miss out on a new exciting version of your favorite game? Being comfortable with a casino is good but there’s nothing wrong with trying something new. How are you going to find out about that crazy new promotion if you don’t read reviews? New promotions and games are what keep the industry moving forward. Casinos spend a lot of money updating and refreshing their platforms reviews get hen into the public eye. Yes reading the same old thing is just wasting time you will never get back. So once you find a good review site stick with it and read the fresh content. There are new casinos that come online all the time. These new casinos have to offer something a bit different to be able to get customers it’s the reviewers job let you know what they are all about.

The Best And Cheapest Advertising For Online Casinos

If you have ever started a business you know that getting your brand out there is time consuming and expensive. Starting an online casino is an expensive operation when done legally. A major amount of money is needed in reserve to cover payouts on top of the set up costs. So factor in a traditional advertising campaign and it becomes an astronomical sum. Unless a site is being opened as part of a group and can get its name out that way, the review is the only way customers can be reached. A new casino actively seeks out reviewers they want as many as possible interested. Yes once again its back to the affiliate system but not all reviews will get paid. The casino has to be a good prospect to get the reviews and the reviews have to be good to convert it’s a win win.

Help In Understanding Legal Consequences

Unless it’s a really big deal changes in law are seldom big news. If even a subtle change in law comes along it can affect your gambling. Casinos online tend not to go into legal standing and what regulations are in play. They assume it is the player’s responsibility to stay the right side of the law. They comply with regulations and proudly display their licenses but you won’t find a rule book. The problem is that there are laws that are purely local and these change. A great review site will let you know. The smallest change in banking transactions have altered the landscape for many. Staying up to date with all the ins and outs of legislation is something you should do for peace of mind. Then you get the other side of the coin when a casino drops a clangor. A good review site will tell you when a casino has a legal problem. Remote gambling authorities audit casinos on a regular basis. There are many small things that crop up that are not allowed. They may well not be enough for a license to be revoked but they are black marks all the same. No casino will put it out there that they got their wrists slapped. No it doesn’t mean they are crooks or rogue but they hate to have their image tarnished. The best review sites do a great thing for us all when they call out these sites. This is all powerful information you can use when choosing where to play.

Done Properly It’s Gift To All

The only way to review an online casino is to try them. That’s why we use a team of gamblers to try every possible online casino they can. These are not just newbies either these are hardened experienced gamblers that have seen it all. We get fed back from them on gameplay and customer experience. We talk to the customer service and get a feel for how they work. We cash out and check payout times. We do all the boring research, we check which company is linked to which, whether that brand is really this brand with another name. Far too many review site just churn out the same old rubbish. We want to inform and hopefully not bore you to death. We want you to have a safe experience. We want you to have fun. We also want you to win the jackpot. Good luck.