Reviewing Craps and Its Untapped Potential in Online Casinos

Craps is a dice game that’s probably the simplest that you can play in an online casino. But at first glance, it may seem overwhelming since it seems the players are speaking another language (better-called slangs) and then, there are the numerous bets which continually occurs. Point made, let’s take a look at what the game offers, and thus, how you can play it as well. But first, here’s a little history on how a young man initially formed the game.

The History Behind the Simple Game of Craps

Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville

Craps started in the United States when Hazard, a European game, was moved to New Orleans from London (in 1807) by Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. Now, what Bernard did to the game was to simplify it in a way that players could select seven as the main number. This method is unlike any in Hazard, where players can choose any number from 5 to 9. Still, all wasn’t as smooth as expected, and the off-shoot was met with dislike by the upper social class. Over time though (or more specifically, World War II), everybody started playing it since individuals from every social class met up in the Army.

How to Play like a Semi-pro on First Try

Playing Craps doesn’t have to be hard regardless of your knowledge on the game. On the contrary, it can be quite simple provided you follow the right set of instructions. To that, we’ll be going through the question of how to play craps. We’ve broken up the game into different parts for that.

Get Intimate with the Table Layout

Around the casino table, you’ll see the “Pass” line, which is for bettors on the shooter’s side. After that, we have the “Don’t Pass” bar which allows you to play against the shooter. Of course, do be careful, as you need a solid strategy to beat the shooter. Giving the table another look over, you should notice things such as a space for one-roll bets between the boxman and stickman. Following after, there’s a “Field” section where you can make one-roll bets, though this time, you’ll bet that any out of the numbers; 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12 will turn up.

Craps Table Layout

Finally, you have the space for hard bets, and in the corner on either end, you’ll find boxes which are marked Big 6 and Big 8 as well. In the case of the hard bets, you can bet that an eight will come up as two 4s before a 7. For the other Big 6 and Big 8, placing a stake in either means you’re betting a 6 or an eight will turn up before a 7.

Speaking Craps Lingo

Most definitely, this is one of the seemingly hardest parts of playing Craps. The lingo that players pass around can be disorienting; especially with the speed at which players bounce back terms. That said, the good thing about the slangs that Craps professionals use is that you only have to hear the keyword and you’ll know what they’re implying. Like so:

People Playing Craps at the Casino

  • Craps: 2, 3, or 12
  • Yo, or Yo-leven: 11
  • C and E Craps: 11
  • Snake Eyes: Two 1s
  • Boxcars: Two 6s
  • Little Joe, or Little Joe from Kokomo: 4 (majorly rolled as a 1 and a 3)
  • Jimmy Hicks: the number 6
  • Skate and Donate: 8
  • Skinny Dugan: A loser 7
  • Center Field: 9, since it’s in the middle of the seven numbers on the field bet
  • Puppy Paws: Two 5s; though the more common slang is “Hard 10”, or “10, the hard way”
  • Natural Winner: 7 or 11 on the resulting roll

Placing Your Bets

First, notice the “OFF” button on the table. It means no bet has been placed yet, though the shooter or any player can do so. If the shooter rolls the dice, that’s called the come-out roll (you’ll need this later). Having said that, when the shooter throws the dice, a 7 or 11 means the pass line wins even money. For the numbers 2, 3, or 12, you call it craps if the shooter throws any of them. This time around, everyone loses their Don’t Pass bets. Now, on the chance the come-out roll is any number other than the ones we’ve mentioned, the number becomes a point.

How You Roll a Point

Craps Don't Pass Bar

When the shooter throws any number out of a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10-all bets on the Don’t Pass line. With these, the game dealer typically turns the pre-mentioned “OFF” to “ON”. Right after, the shooter tries to roll the point again; just before a 7. For instance, if the point is a 9, the shooter attempts to roll a nine again, and if he/she is successful, every player passes. When this happens, the shooter will have to throw another come-out roll. But of course, everyone fails that round if he rolls a seven. The pair of dices is passed to another player, after that.

The Different Types of Wagers You can Try out

  • Line Bets
    The shooter is required to place either a pass line bet or a don’t pass bet. Other players are expected to bet on either one after the come-out roll.
  • Pass Line Bet
    The pass line bet is a basic bet that you can place. It means you’re betting on the shooter to win.
  • Don’t Pass Bet
    Don’t Pass bet means you’re betting on the shooter to lose. Players call this a seven out or line away.
  • Pass Odds
    On the come-out roll, if a point is rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), most online casinos like 888 Casino and Mansion Casino allow pass line bettors to take odds by stacking bets up to multiples (predetermined) of the pass line bet behind the pass line.
  • Red Crystal Craps

  • Come Bet
    Come bets are specific to a single player, and they refer to starting a new pass line bet.
  • Place
    Players can bet any point number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) by putting their bet in the come area. You follow that by telling the dealer the amount you’re wagering and on what number.
  • Put
    The put bet gives players the chance to increase or make a pass line bet after the come-out roll.

There are others like the hard-way bets and the Big 6 or Big 8 bets. So be sure to check them out too.

Betting Variants in Craps

Craps is a game that has a lot of variants. In some cases, players are required to bet per single dice roll; while in some others, they’re required to bet per a certain number of dice rolls. Nevertheless, the second variant is more common when betting. This is because craps players generally don’t care about the number of rolls they make per bet.

  1. Some variants you’ll find in online casinos are 11, as in point number, rather than a natural. 11 pays the same as a 7, but most players will refer to it as a “Yo” instead. The reason for this is because of player superstition that saying the number “7” brings bad luck. Be sure to check out its other limitations, since odds can be a bit varied here.
  2. 12 is a variant that pays 3:1 on the field. You’ll find it on tables with two different minimums or higher. For the former, the odds are 2:1, while 3:1 is more common in the case of the latter.

Casinos Where You Can Play Craps Online

There are different casinos online where you can play craps. The only trick is that you have to hunt the right ones. To avoid that, we have listed below, some of the best online casinos to play Craps:

Craps Table at Casino

  1. Karamba Casino
  3. 888 Casino
  4. Mansion Casino

Should You Play the Game?

Yes, you should. The game is entertaining, and it has straightforward rules, so we think it’s a perfect alternative to slots in the case of new players looking to make wins. Nevertheless, there’s the need to say that craps can be overwhelming for beginners. So, we recommend you study not only the guide above, but also try your hand out on a few of the ones you see online.